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Supporting Turkmenistan’s reporting on implementation of SDGs

01 November 2022

  • UN and the national experts of national line ministries of Turkmenistan held series of meetings to discuss the development of the costed National Action Plan (NAP) for the development of nationalized SDG indicators.

The participants at the expert level discussed the methodological and financial support for the development of SDG indicators with the responsible departments of the State Statistics Committee.

“The availability of, and access to, high-quality statistical data is essential for measuring, planning and analyzing the Sustainable Development Goals based on comprehensive and disaggregated indicators”, noted Mr. Dmitry Shlapachenko, UN Resident Coordinator in Turkmenistan.

The costed National Action Plan is a medium-term strategic vision for the implementation of the SDGs in Turkmenistan built on the previously achieved results of the SDGs’ integration national planning, and contributing to subsequent steps in the field of their implementation. Key objectives of the NAP:

Monitoring and tracking progress on the developed SDG indicators; Nationalization or adoption of a global methodology for compliance of national data with international data sets; Inter-ministerial and multi-sector collaboration in SDG measurement; Compliance with obligations and responsibilities for the implementation of the SDGs; Coordinating actions, including leveraging resources for data collection, aimed at improving the country ranking of overall performance by SDGs at the global level.

In June 2022 the members of the National Working Group for the Implementation of SDGs decided to develop a National Action Plan to strengthen the accountability of the SDGs for the next few years and it is in line with the joint Memorandum between the UN Office in Turkmenistan and the State Committee on Statistics in the context of joint cooperation in increasing national statistical capacity to improve data availability and reporting on SDGs by the Government of Turkmenistan.


Mahri Eyeberdiyeva

Programme Communications and Advocacy Officer

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