UN, Government discuss the monitoring of the "Immediate Socio-Economic Response Plan to global pandemic"

  • UN and the Government of Turkmenistan held online expert meeting within the framework of the Joint Working Group on Socio-Economic Impact of COVID-19 to discuss monitoring tools of the "Immediate Socio-Economic Response Plan to acute infectious disease".

UNDP as the technical lead on the Socio-economic response plan from the UN side presented the structure of the monitoring table including the activities, timeline and indicators. The participants were also introduced to indicators on target groups and funding as well to the global indicators for monitoring of the Socio-economic response plan.  It was noted that the Socio-Economic Response Plan is a living document and updates could be considered as appropriate in line with the ongoing priorities and developments.

Concluding the meeting the participants agreed to consider joint preparation of a progress report on the results of implementation of the Socio-economic response plan in Turkmenistan in 2020 and hold working level follow-up meetings under each pillar of the Plan to discuss possible updates and adjustments.


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