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International Organization for Migration, Eurasia Foundation and USAID organized another online seminar for young leaders

07 April 2022

  • The International Organization for Migration in Turkmenistan (IOM) in partnership with the Eurasia Foundation (EF), within the framework of the Social Innovation in Central Asia (SICA) program, and with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), held a one-day online seminar entitled "Information coverage of social projects” for young leaders from different regions of Turkmenistan.

The online seminar on information coverage of social projects was attended by over forty participants: young leaders, participants of youth programs, volunteers, employees of civil society organizations and associations of Turkmenistan.

The goal of the seminar was to provide the participants with the knowledge and practical skills in usage of new media tools in order to cover social projects at different stages of its implementation. The main topics of the seminar were: the goals of information coverage of social projects, types and functions of various formats of external communications, writing text materials, as well as reportage photo-shoot as part of the implementation of social projects.

The seminar was opened by Azat Atajanov, Head of the IOM Representative Office in Turkmenistan. In addition, he noted that young leaders will soon have an opportunity to implement their project ideas, and “the skills gained during this seminar will be useful in order to present in media their projects and achievements.”

The online seminar was organized in the format of a videoconference with moderation and technical support provided by the IOM and EF, involving professional trainers and young photographer in an interactive format on Google Meet.

“As for the editor of the information website InAshgabat, it was useful for me to hear the advice of experts in the field of media coverage of social projects. I had experience covering a UNESCO project, but the methods and tips shared by the organizers are something new to me. Since the media space is rapidly changing, it is necessary for constantly learn to keep up with the times. Especially, when it comes to coverage of such an innovative segment as social projects. Therefore, I want to emphasize the importance and necessity of such seminars and thank the organizers for sharing valuable information with young editors like me!” - said Menli Atayeva about the seminar.

“There were a lot of interesting information at the seminar, and the discussion was lively! The trainers were able to convey important information in a simple and understandable language, and the participants of the seminar showed creativity during the implementation of the practical task. We hope that there will be more meetings and seminars like this one,” said Arslan and Leyla Atayevs from the Society of the Blind and Deaf after the seminar.

International Organization for Migration, Eurasia Foundation and USAID organized another online seminar for young leaders

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