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UNFPA organizes the UN Senior Experts’ Mission to Turkmenistan on Census

28 April 2022

  • The United Nations Senior Level Expert Mission visited Turkmenistan this week to support preparation of the Government of Turkmenistan for the 2022 Population and Housing Census. A team of six senior technical advisors from the United Nations Population Fund, United Nations Statistical Commission and United Nations Economic Commission for Europe held series of high-level and technical meetings to advise the Government on how to ensure that the 2022 Census is conducted in line with the UN Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Censuses. 

Turkmenistan prepares to hold the Population and Housing Census from 17 to 27 December 2022. This upcoming census will provide a unique opportunity for Turkmenistan to generate, disseminate and use disaggregated data for domestic strategic planning and policy in line with the commitments of the National Programme for Socio-economic Development of Turkmenistan for 2022-2052 and measuring progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. 

The senior level census mission held meetings with H.E. Mr. Rashid Meredov, Deputy Chairperson of the Cabinet of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan and Mr. Dovletgeldi Amanmukhammedov, Chairperson of the State Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan to discuss the census governance and quality assurance mechanisms to ensure transparency, effective accountability and international credibility of census, and to guarantee the independence of the census process and results by application of international principles and recommendations for population and housing censuses. 

The high-level team also met with the Deputy Chairperson and technical experts of the State Statistics Committee in charge of census in a number of technical consultations to review and discuss the census methodological standards.

UNFPA and participating UN entities made a commitment to provide technical, policy and advocacy support in conducting the 2022 Population and Housing Census of Turkmenistan in line with the international standards at all stages of the 2022 Census, including the enumeration, data processing, dissemination, analysis and use of census data.

“The United Nations Mission in support of the Population and Housing Census of Turkmenistan expresses its most sincere appreciation to the Government of Turkmenistan for outstanding hospitality and for the commitment to conduct the forthcoming population and housing census in December 2022 in full compliance with international principles, recommendations and best practices,” said Mr. Srdjan Mrkić, Chief of the Demographic Statistics, United Nations Statistical Commission, and Head of the Delegation. “The Mission had outstanding opportunities to discuss pertinent issues with the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Chairman of the State Statistical Committee and numerous subject-matter specialists, as well as with the representatives of the United Nations Country Team in Turkmenistan, under the initiative of the UNFPA Country Office.” 

"The Mission concluded that the Government of Turkmenistan is on a solid track to conduct a population and housing census using the most contemporary approaches and technologies and releasing the preliminary and final results in timely and comprehensive manner. The Mission re-iterated the commitment of the United Nations to continue to provide support and assistance to the Government of Turkmenistan to ensure full compliance with international standards in all phases of planning, field operations, editing, processing and disseminating census results,” he added. 

“We are pleased with the high rating by the Mission of UN lead experts about the level of readiness of Turkmenistan for the upcoming 2022 Population and Housing Census, professionalism of the State Statistics Committee’s specialists, the commitment of the Government of Turkmenistan to conduct a population and housing census in full compliance with international standards, principles and recommendations” – said Ms. Guljemile Annaniyazova, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee of Turkmenistan on Statistics. 

“We look forward to continued constructive cooperation with UNFPA and other structures of the UN system in order to successfully conduct the upcoming census - the major statistical event for collecting important data on population” – she mentioned.  

The official statement highlighting the key outcomes of the mission along with the recommendations was issued as a result of the thorough consultative work of the UN senior experts on census and the Government. 

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