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UN lectures raise awareness of civil servants in Turkmenistan on global SDG priorities

17 April 2023

  • On 17th April 2023, the UN in Turkmenistan gave lectures at the SDG Centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Institute of International Relations. Delivered in a hybrid form the lectures involved a mix of online and in-person participation from various UN agencies, funds and programmes across the Europe and Central Asia region targeting the staff of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection and The Caspian Sea Institute of Turkmenistan.

The purpose of lectures was to train future leaders and equip them with knowledge and skills on environment, energy, sustainable economic development, industrialization and innovations, and international cooperation and partnership – a selection of emerging and central topics for the UN and member states to consider.

Focusing on SDGs 3, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 17, the lectures offered detailed information about interlinkages and cross-sectoral cooperation between energy, water and land use, financing mechanism to promote nexus investments, practical tools and instruments to support decision makers for transboundary cooperation, regional political and technical dialogue and facilitate capacity development, actions for policy makers to boost green energy transition to sustain exports and economic development. The presentations highlighted joint interventions of the UN in Turkmenistan and the Government with respect to the relevant topics as well.

The below presenters from the UN delivered lectures on:

  1. Water and sanitation for all, by Valeria Danilchenko, UNICEF, and Ayjeren Myratdurdyyeva, WHO;
  2. Sustainable energy economy and protection of ecosystems, by Iva Brkic (sustainable energy), Talaibek Makeev (environmental affairs) and Roman Michalak (forestry) from UNECE;
  3. Sustainable economic development and employment, by Vladimir Valetka, UNRCO
  4. Industrialization, innovations and infrastructure at the global and regional levels, by Farrukh Alimdjanov (digital transformations) and Tatiana Chernyavskaya (industrial development), UNIDO
  5. Sustainable cities and settlements, by Katja Schaefer, UN-Habitat
  6. International cooperation and partnerships for sustainable development, by Maksat Keshiyev, UNRCO

The series of lectures by the UN agencies was co-organized and co-facilitated by MFA Institute of International Relations and the United Nations Resident Coordinator’s office in Turkmenistan with substantive support from WHO, UNICEF, UNECE, UNIDO, and UN-Habitat. 

Chary Nurmuhammedov

Chary Nurmuhammedov

Strategic Planning and RCO Team Leader

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