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Joint Results Groups under the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework discussed results for 2023

28 November 2023

Ashgabat, 27 November 2023 - Members of the UN-Government Results Groups (RGs) gathered today to summarize results of the implementation of the UN-Turkmenistan Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF) in 2023.

The five Joint UN-Government RGs convened in UN House were:

     RG 1. People-centered Governance and Rule of Law

     RG 2. Sustainable economic diversification, competitive private and financial sectors, enhanced trade and promotion

     RG 3. Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate change adaptation and increased resilience  

     RG 4. Quality, inclusive affordable health and social protection services

     RG 5. Quality, inclusive and affordable education and skilling systems

The participants of each Joint Results Group representing the UN Agencies and line ministries under UNSDCF reported on the progress made in implementation of the Joint Work Plans (JWPs) for 2023. They also discussed the challenges faced in the implementation of JWPs and further cooperation opportunities.

During the meeting, the meeting participants were briefed about the key findings and recommendations from the Mid-term review (MTR) on the implementation of the UNSDCF. The Government counterparts and UN agencies agreed to take into consideration the results of the MTR when developing further JWPs and formulation of the next cycle of UNSDCF for 2026-2030.

Also, in the course of the meeting, the analysis of the UNSDCF implementation focusing on progress towards Sustainable Development Goals and outcome indicators for 2023 was presented.

The members of the UN-Government Results Groups discussed the findings of the Common Country Analysis update. The analysis has demonstrated the relevance of joint UN programmes’ proposals submitted to the government aimed at increasing the likelihood of achieving UNSDCF results in the areas of strategic planning, budgeting and SDG financing, including the development of human capital, increasing the efficiency of employment services and labor market regulation, especially in relation to youth. The participants agreed that further joint efforts are needed to strengthen capacity of civil servants, improve data availability and use for policy making, develop and implement industrial policy, including in the area of green energy transition. The discussed priorities are fully aligned with Turkmenistan’s Strategies and Programmes and the National Commitments to SDG Transformation presented at the SDG summit.

The Joint UN-Turkmenistan Results Groups meeting represents a crucial step in the collaborative efforts towards achieving sustainable development goals, fostering partnerships, and ensuring the well-being and prosperity of the Turkmenistan population.

UN entities involved in this initiative

International Organization for Migration
United Nations Resident Coordinator Office
United Nations Development Programme
United Nations Population Fund
United Nations Children’s Fund
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
World Health Organization

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