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UN Resident Coordinator Dmitry Shlapachenko Advocates for Sustainable Energy Practices at International Scientific Conference in Turkmenistan

06 June 2024

Ashgabat, 5 June 2024 – Dmitry Shlapachenko, the UN Resident Coordinator in Turkmenistan, participated in the International scientific conference "Energy perspectives, new technologies and environmental aspects in the development of hydrocarbon resources" held on 5-6 June 2024.

The conference convened global experts, government officials, and industry leaders to discuss crucial topics such as energy perspectives, new technologies, and environmental aspects in the development of hydrocarbon resources. Key areas of focus included the reduction of methane and CO2 emissions, promotion of green energy initiatives, enhancement of energy security, and the utilization of CO2 and sulphur dioxide in hydrocarbon production.

Dmitry Shlapachenko's involvement in the conference was marked by a compelling speech during the Plenary Session, where he emphasized the urgent need for concerted efforts to mitigate methane emissions and underscored the significance of establishing the Regional Center for Climate Technologies in Central Asia (RCCT-CA) in Ashgabat.

Shlapachenko highlighted the joint initiatives undertaken by the Government of Turkmenistan and the UN to combat methane emissions, citing Turkmenistan's substantial contribution to global methane emissions. He stressed the economic and environmental imperatives of methane reduction, advocating for strategic interventions to address this critical issue.

Moreover, Shlapachenko underscored the pivotal role of the RCCT-CA in facilitating the transition towards sustainable energy practices. He outlined the Center's potential to serve as a catalyst for the implementation of climate-friendly technologies, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation in the region.

In his capacity as a moderator, Shlapachenko summarized the key insights and recommendations from the conference's plenary sessions, emphasizing the importance of collective action in addressing the challenges posed by climate change and advancing sustainable development goals.

The conference provided a platform for stakeholders to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and forge partnerships towards a more sustainable energy future. Shlapachenko's contributions underscored the UN's commitment to supporting Turkmenistan's efforts in mitigating climate change and promoting environmentally responsible energy practices.

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