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Turkmen students look at the role of educational migration in modern world and its impact on the socio-economic development of countries

10 June 2024

Ashgabat, 7 June 2024: Turkmen student youth representing the Magtymguly Turkmen State University, the Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, the International University of Humanities and Development and the Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics of Turkmenistan discussed the role of educational migration in the modern world and its impact on the socio-economic development of countries at a seminar organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The seminar was also attended by representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population, State Migration Service, the Magtymguly Youth Organization, the Women's Union and national non-governmental organizations of Turkmenistan.

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The seminar was facilitated by an IOM international consultant who walked the participants through the concept, motives and drivers of educational migration and presented the insights on compatibility of educational systems of various countries, educational migration dynamics and trends, national policies to attract and retain international skilled students as well as best international practices promoting student mobility and international cooperation. As was noted during the presentations, migration and education are multifaceted processes that involve individuals, schools, communities, regions and countries. Through migration and education, individuals can develop knowledge, skills and competencies, and contribute to social and economic development of the countries of destination and origin.

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In the ensuing group discussions, the Turkmen student youth, representatives of relevant government institutions and non-governmental organizations brainstormed on the topics relating to common educational space, recognition of educational credentials, validation of qualifications and skills acquired through non-formal and informal education, knowledge transfer and safeguards against "brain drain". They also discussed issues relating to improvement of access to quality education abroad accompanied by safeguards of gainful employment upon return to a home country to cushion society against “brain drain” and the importance of proactive strategies to create incentives for skilled diaspora to return home.

As a result of group activities, students put forward a number of innovative proposals, including for matching labor market supply and demand through employer-sponsored educational migration, including vocational education and training, and for incentivizing the private sector to fund government scholarship schemes through tax privileges for contributing corporations.

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In conclusion, the seminar participants acknowledged the numerous opportunities presented by educational migration as a catalyst of social, economic and ideational change, attraction of talent, fostering of knowledge exchange and diversification of economies.


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