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UN Resident Coordinator in Turkmenistan Joins Conference on Caspian Sea’s Environmental Challenges and Opportunities

12 August 2023

Awaza, 12 August 2023 – Mr. Dmitry Shlapachenko, the UN Resident Coordinator in Turkmenistan, took part in a scientific and practical conference devoted to mark the Caspian Sea Day and 20 years of the Caspian Convention. The conference, hosted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan, aimed to examine the diverse environmental issues and prospects of the Caspian Sea region.

Participants at the conference engaged in comprehensive discussions, addressing various aspects of the Caspian Sea’s environmental situation, such as biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation, and pollution prevention. The event provided a platform for experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to collaborate and share insights on managing the region’s resources for the mutual benefit of nations and the global community.

“The Caspian Sea is an important strategic region with huge environmental challenges and opportunities.” remarked Mr. Shlapachenko. “The Caspian Sea is a connecting hub for transportation and transit flows in Eurasia along the East-West and North-South lines. Development of sustainable, reliable and efficient logistics schemes will make it possible to turn the Caspian region into a modern space for international flows of goods and services that respect the environment.”

Mr. Shlapachenko’s participation in the conference underscored the United Nations’ commitment to supporting initiatives that promote regional cooperation and sustainable development. The event also demonstrated the organization’s dedication to fostering partnerships that enable countries to leverage their unique strengths for the betterment of their societies and the world at large.

The conference concluded on a positive note, with participants acknowledging the importance of continued collaboration and innovative strategies to unlock the full potential of the Caspian Sea region while preserving its ecological integrity.

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