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National partners review institutional and practical aspects of systemic integration and use of gender-sensitive approaches in migration management

27 noýabr 2023

Ashgabat, November 24, 2023: The International Organization for Migration in Turkmenistan enhanced awareness of members of the Interdepartmental Working Group on development and implementation of the National Action Plan on Combatting Trafficking in Persons and representatives of public associations of Turkmenistan of the aspects of systemic integration and use of gender-sensitive approaches in the area of migration management at a two-day training in Ashgabat.

The training participants reviewed issues relating to strengthening the capacity of relevant stakeholders in systemic integration and use of gender-sensitive approaches in the porcess of development of migration-related public policies and national action plans, as well as relevant methodologies, monitoring and reporting tools for gender and human rights mainstreaming, gender stereotypes and  overcoming gender bias, assessing gender results, incorporating gender-sensitive indicators in labour migration, data collection and use. 

“The topic of training is very important, as it helps to understand the critical issues of gender sensitivity in labor migration, aspects of impact of changes in the social, economic sphere, as well as in the legislative documents. It is advisable to include this course in the training program for public associations, community leaders in the regions,” Leila Toilieva from “Ynamly Egindesh” public association said. 

The training participants also familiarized themselves with the factors of vulnerability and needs of families and children affected by migration that should be taken into consideration in developing mechanisms to support persons affected by migration and ensuring their security in migration processes.

On the outcomes of training, the participants developed a “road map” for implementation of the acquired knowledge and skills.

This training was organized as part of the IOM regional project “Protection of Vulnerable Migrants with Special Emphasis on Empowering Women in the Context of Migration in Central Asia” funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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