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Turkmenistan leads consultations to identify SDG targets and indicators to adopt in the next 15 years

02 maý 2016

  • This list of recommendations will go to the Cabinet of Ministers for formal approval.

The Government of Turkmenistan and the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) has dedicated 17 days, (one day per goal) in March 2016 to discussing what Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), targets and indicators the country should adopt to implement over the next 15 years. Each goal group was co- led by a government ministry together with a UN agency.

During each of the 17 days, relevant ministries, agencies and departments discussed the goal, its corresponding targets and indicators in order to agree what SDG targets and indicators Turkmenistan would formally adopt. The goal groups exchanged views on various critical issues, including national capacities, foreseen challenges in the implementation, vagueness and the lack of global methodologies for measuring some indicators. They also discussed what SDG targets and indicators would be inserted into the Presidential Socio- Economic plan 2017- 2021 and sector plans and programs.

As a result of the consultations, 121 out of 169 targets were recommended for adoption as they are and 27 targets were modified. Of 241 indicators, 109 were accepted in the current definition, and 50 were modified. In addition, 39 national indicators were formulated. Total 197 indicators. This list of recommendations will go to the Cabinet of Ministers for formal approval.

The Government and UNCT developed a three stage process for rolling out of SDGs in Turkmenistan. The March consultations was the peak of the first stage. The next stage will focus on incorporating the approved SDGs, targets and indicators into Presidential plan 2017- 2021, sectors plans and programs. The third stage will define the system required to measure the SDGs, taking into account  the  numbers of plans/ program that will incorporate SDGs and the role of the National State Statistics and line ministries in this process.

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Chary Nurmuhammedov

Çary Nurmuhammedow

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